DBX 566 Dual Vacuum Tube Compressor



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The premium 12AU7 vacuum tubes are hand selected for ideal triode gain matching, distortion, micro- phonics and drive characteristics. You get the best tube sound with the most versatility available today. And with the optional dbx TYPE IVTM Conversion System output, you can translate the essence of tube processing directly to the digital world, without leaving the box. The digital output offers the ability to communicate in either AES/EBU or S/PDIF at 16, 20, or 24 bit word lengths. In addition, TYPE IVTM offers the ability to select noise shape algorithms and dither types that best suit your music and your medium. The 566 also has all the rear panel versatility and connectivity that make it easy to setup and patch into any system. Gold plated Neutrik® connectors for the audio ins and outs ensure solid connec- tions and pristine sound every time. Separate 1/4″ connectors for the sidechain sends and returns, as well as +4/-10 operating level switching make it a snap to use.

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