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More info below, including WHO needs a Tune-UP and WHAT a Tune-Up is!

Starting at $99

Many issues may be corrected on initial service call. Others may require additional parts and labor.

Who needs an AV Tune-Up?

You have good equipment. But it just doesn’t sound as good as it should?

  • Persistent feedback?
  • Persistent noise and buzz?
  • Distorted, break up of sound?
  • Hollow sound?
  • Noticeable bounce of sound?
  • Hard to understand speech?
  • Dim video?
  • Discolored video?
  • Outdated lighting?
  • Do you use grey wall ground lifts?

What is an AV Tune-Up?

AV Tune-Up is designed to get the most out of your existing AV System.

  • RTA analysis of you system and room.
  • Check gain structure.
  • Check for correct grounding.
  • Check phase issues.
  • Check for balanced system.
  • Check ohms.
  • Identify bad cables.
  • Check video settings.
  • Check bulb settings.
  • Make recommendations on improvements for all budgets.